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IPS offers a diverse menu of services to our clients.  Whatever your need, our years of experience guarantee you will be provided with highest level of service in the industry.   

Uniformed Guard Services


Whether you need one Uniformed Guard for a small gathering or need a full security staff with a permanent presence, we can fulfill your needs.  Our staff is trained vigorously for the specific industries they serve and is ready to become part of your team.

Armed Guard Services


There are many situations that necessitate the use of armed personnel. We have almost 20 years of experience training and fielding some of the finest individuals.

VIP Protection


IPS has years of experience protecting VIP's.  We offer a variety of programs including transportation, fixed location protection and counter threat investigation.



IPS's skilled investigators are the best in the business.  We have collected evidence that has lead to the arrest, conviction or denial of benefits of hundreds of criminals attempting to defraud the workers compensation industry.  We have recovered stolen works of art.  We have lead theft ring investigations in the warehouse and manufacturing sectors leading to arrests and convictions.  Our team of retired law enforcement officers, computer analysts and private investigators can make impossible situations tenable. 

​International Event Security


IPS has successfully protected hundreds of major events both internationally and nationwide.  We have experience in every facet of the entertainment business that includes everything from intimate concerts to full street movie premieres to large stadium events. 

​CCTV and Access Control


It is more important than ever to keep your business secured and to be informed at all times.  IPS offers a variety of programs from remote video streaming/recording to full-site access control.  All manor of claims and other threats against a business can be mitigated by simply having recorded evidence.

​Piracy Protection


Piracy has become commonplace.  In today's digital environment, anyone can become a content pirate.  With our years of experience having worked thousands of anti-piracy details, we are the foremost authority in anti-piracy programs and solutions.  We are the only major security firm to be able to boast a 99.9% success rate.  We have never had a movie pirated under our watch. 

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